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Best game school Geography games

Best game school Geography games

Looking around for different board games to have fun, while educating the kids, has opened my eyes to a vast array of games! Best game-school Geography games

So, I thought I would share some of the best game school Geography games out there.

What are the benefits of board games?

In addition to teaching your child about teamwork, patience, and how to win and lose gracefully, board games can actually benefit kids’ brains, language development, build communication skills and develop social skills.

Even simple games help young players identify colours, count spaces, and develop hand-eye coordination and dexterity in moving cards and pieces around the board. Plus, learning to wait your turn and follow the rules are important lessons that serve kids far beyond the living room floor.

Board games are an easy way to encourage healthy brain development in older kids and teens. “Strategy games are useful in helping the frontal lobes of the brain develop. Those frontal lobes are responsible for executive function skills, which include planning, organizing, and making good decisions.

They help sharpen your child’s focus skills, when played without interruptions, can help lengthen a child’s attention span.

The lack of technology required to play board games makes them special. They are a simple way to get quality, screen-free time with the kids — and you might be surprised by how much they love playing.

1: Mapominoes:

Mapominoes is like dominoes, but with maps: as you build a map, by connecting countries that share a common border. First to play all their countries wins. Needs 2-5 players and is good for kids, teens and adults.

2: The world game:

 The world game is good for all stages of knowledge. One of the best educational board games for kids 8-12 years and requires 2-5 players. This game will help train your memory and brain, while having fun! Great for at home playing and on the road. The more you play, the more you will know.

3: Ticket to ride:

As you can see, there are several ticket to ride games: Best game-school Geography games

An adventure and strategy game, discover: Uk, Europe, USA, Africa, India, Nordic countries and London. Varying from 2-5 players and ages 8+. The object of the game is to discover different destinations, complete your destination tickets to score the most points.

4: Trekking the world:

Trekking the world is easier to understand for older children, teens, families, grandparents, and everyone in between! This is a game that helps you share your greatest memories and dreams of travel. Avoid tourist traps and find the most awe-inspiring sights in the world!

5: Who knows where?

Who knows where, is the ultimate global location guessing game, has over 1000 questions in 5 categories, including capitals, major cities and towns, events and facts, famous tourist sites and beautiful images of many iconic landmarks and is a great fun way to learn about the world.

It allow many different ways to play, making the game easier or harder. Thus accessible and appealing for a broad range of ages and abilities. This game is a top trivia game for both adults and kids.

6: Flags of the world

Flags of the world is a fun and educational way, to expand your knowledge of some of the world’s most recognisable flags. It is Perfect for anyone with a passion for geography, or flags of the world, Play alone or with friends and family (age 7 plus). This game will help improve vocabulary, spelling, and memory.

7: Geo puzzle

Geo puzzle has large and small connecting pieces and so, kids of any age will enjoy its bright colours. Designed especially for children ages 4 and up. Choosing and placing puzzle pieces builds fine motor skills. Kids have enhanced cognitive development, as they try to solve the puzzle. Plus they learn and practice their vocabulary of different countries. Win, win!

8: Interactive talking maps

Interactive talking maps are great to get your child engaged and learning! As you can see there are various maps available: UK, Europe and worldwide maps to choose from. These are multi award winning toys and they also help to build/improve concentration, earth science, memory, problem solving, geography and environment. For ages 5-12 years.

9: Globe runner

Globe runner is a fun and engaging game, suitable for 9 years+. Learn geography as you play, by answering multiple choice questions on countries, capital cities, flags of the world, etc. to get a bonus go. A great way to learn all about the world. First around the world wins! 2-6 players or teams.

10: Geo safari jr.

  • Place the smart pen anywhere on the globe for fun facts
  • Globe teaches facts about places, animals and nature at the touch of a pen
  • Features three modes of learning and over 10 hours of audio (English only)
  • Features the voice of wildlife conservationist Bindi Irwin
  • Suitable for ages4+

11: Science Kidz 2 in 1 Illuminated World Globes For Children 

2 in 1 Illuminated world globes are fun & educational, day or night! Switch on this constellation globe to see 88 spectacular constellations; Includes constellation guide with names, locations and mythology. Throughout the day the globe is detailed earth map showing colour coded countries, boundaries and geographical features. At nigh time, press the switch for night view and constellations appear with their respective common names.

12: Wonders of the world: Best game-school Geography games

195 wonders from 6 continents, this board game is ideal for geography lovers. A fact-packed game that tests your knowledge about worldwide wonders. Ideal for ages 8 years+, and for 1-6 players.

13: Brainbox world:

I love the brain box collections! This is suitable for ages 8 years+ and up to 4 players. The challenge is simple; how much can you remember from your chosen card in just 10 seconds, the one with the most cards wins. Brain Box is designed to be fun to play whilst also providing a mental work out thanks to the memory and observational based questions.


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