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100 best books for a 9 year old

100 best books for a 9 year old. Picture of a book open with lights coming out, as though it was magic.

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Table of Contents

    With the help of Roman, here are the results of the 100 best books for a 9 year old, in no particular order.

    Classics, which I think will never fade!

    Where’s Wally collection:

    Where’s Wally book’s are fantastic for children of all ages, as they build children’s eye tracking skills. Eye tracking skills helps to improve reading fluency, so they read at a faster pace, with more accuracy.

    Where’s Wally Amazing Adventures and Activities 8 Books Bag Collection Set:

    Where’s Wally?:
    The original book which kick-started the worldwide Wally phenomenon! Search for Wally and his friends as they hike round the world.

    Where’s Wally Now?:
    Wally and his friends travel through time in this second best-selling classic adventure. Search for them as they visit the Stone Age, Ancient Egypt, the Vikings …

    The Fantastic Journey:
    Hidden in every intricately-detailed scene are Wally and his friends – so let the hunt begin! Search for them in the land of the unfriendly giants, the watery world of the deep-sea divers.

    Where’s Wally? In Hollywood:
    Wally visits the land where dreams are made in this classic activity book! He meets directors and actors, walks through the crowds of extras, and sees behind the scenes.

    Where’s Wally? In Outer Space:
    Play tangle line teasers, find your way out of a space race maze, unscramble muddled up words, crack alien codes, match and spot the differences in busy picture puzzles.

    Where’s Wally? At Sea:
    Untangle fishing lines; solve a boat race riddle; match seaside silhouettes; track down pirate treasure on a map; join up words in a message in a bottle.

    Where’s Wally? Across Lands:
    Scale castle walls and ancient Aztec temples as you complete games, crack written riddles, get creative by drawing your own Egyptian city and doodling inside speech bubbles.

    Where’s Wally? Takes Flight:
    Work your way out of a busy airport runway maze; match up dragons to their race day medals; solve birdy word searches and visual snap; colour in a night time dragon scene.

    Awesome jokes every 9 year old should know:

    Hundreds of rib tickler’s, tongue twister’s and side splitter’s, this joke book is one in a series of joke books for 9 year olds.

    A power pack of punchlines that’s sure to get grandfathers groaning, mothers moaning and best friends begging for more.

    They’re all in here: the classics, twisted originals, and brand new awesome jokes. It’s easy to read with illustrations throughout for extra guffaws, making this a book that kids will love from the very first page.

    Give that nine year old the chance to be top dog with the smartest gags around!

    How to train your parents:

    Moving to a new area and a new school, Louis is horrified to discover his parents changing into ultra-competitive parents, wanting him and his younger brother to get straight As at school and join all sorts of after-school clubs and activities like the other kids in the area. Suddenly Louis’s life is no longer his own – until he meets Maddy, who claims to have trained her parents to ignore her- But does Louis really want to be ignored? A truly contemporary tale with characters kids will recognize instantly!

    Difficult puzzle book for smart kids, 9 year olds:

    A fantastic puzzle book that is full of challenging puzzles that will keep kids occupied for hours.

    • It makes a perfect gift for 9 year old kids
    • 50 different types of Brain Teasing Puzzles
    • Over 300 different individual puzzles
    • Excellent for long journeys or holidays
    • A good sized book and large print for ease of reading

    Kids can stretch their minds while having loads of fun doing these puzzles. A must buy and makes a perfect birthday gift or stocking filler!

    Would you rather game book:

    A book of silly scenario’s challenging choices and hilarious situations the whole family will love!

    It is an amazing way to a conversation started in a fun and interesting way. It is also easy to get into some amazing conversations by just asking “why” after a “Would you rather question”. Great for ages 6-12 years old and we promise that adults will enjoy them as much as their kids will! 

    Write your own story book:

    Aspiring young writers will love this fun activity book full of hints, tips and handy tasks for writing breath-taking stories. The first half of the book is full of writing tips, techniques and methods to make every story a masterpiece, with helpful activities on coming up with ideas, writing from different points of view and creating characters, settings and story lines.

    The second half of the book is full of story themes to write about, from murder mysteries to tales from outer space. With lots of lined space to fill, each activity comes with suggestions for characters, settings and objects to write into the story as well as questions to prompt the imagination.

    Difficult riddles for smart kids: 300 difficult riddles and brain teasers families will love:

    This kids book is a collection of 300 brain teasing riddles and puzzles. Their purpose is to encourage children to think and stretch their minds. They are designed to test logic, lateral thinking as well as memory and to engage the brain in seeing patterns and connections between different things and circumstances.

    They are laid out in three chapters which get more difficult as you go through the book, in the author’s opinion at least. The answers are at the back of the book if all else fails.

    These are more difficult riddles for kids and are designed to be attempted by children from 10 years onwards, as well as participation from the rest of the family.

    It is a perfect activity book for kids who like problem solving. These activities can be shared with the whole family.

    This book is one of a series of puzzle books for kids. The aim of all of them is to stretch children’s brains through kids riddles and puzzles. They are kids books designed to challenge children to think laterally and more creatively.

    Operation Ouch:

    Operation Ouch! based on the popular CBBC series and recent winner of the Book trust Best Book Award for ‘Best Fact Book’!

    Can you guess which of these amazing facts Operation Ouch! has in store for you?

    a) That in your lifetime you’ll spend a whole year on the toilet
    b) That you shed at least 30,000 skin cells every day
    c) That the biggest muscle in your body is in your bum

    ANSWER: All three of course!

    Join Dr Chris and Dr Xand as they take a tour of YOUR BRILLIANT BODY!

    Find out the incredible things your body can do, test your gross-out knowledge and try out cool body tricks at home.

    Medical milestones and crazy cures:

    Think you know your Smallpox from your Bubonic Plague? Try testing your knowledge of the history of medicine!

    a) What did the Ancient Egyptians treat with powdered ostrich egg?
    b) How did body snatchers help 19th-century medical students?
    c) Why did the Ancient Romans recommend drinking wee?

    ANSWERS: Dive in and find out!

    Dr Chris and Dr Xand draw back the bed curtains of history to take you on a tour of the body, revealing the gruesome secrets of medicine through the ages.

    Beast Quest Box Set Pack: Series 1-6 books:

    My eldest son Mckenzie loved these books when he was younger!

    Beast Quest Box Set Series 1-6 Book set by Adam Blade depicts about the horrible adventures experienced by a young boy, Tom on his quest to defeat the beasts.

    Beast Quest The Battle Collection 18 Books Series 4 – 6 Box Set:

    1: Beast Quest Pack Series 4: 6 Books:
    Blaze The Ice Dragon
    Equinus The Spirit Horse
    Luna The Moon Wolf
    Nixa The Death Bringer
    Rashouk The Cave Troll
    Stealth The Ghost Panther

    2: Beast Quest Pack Series 5: 6 Books:
    Krabb Master of the Sea
    Hawkite Arrow of the Air
    Rokk The Walking Mountain
    Koldo The Arctic Warrior
    Trema The Earth Lord
    Amictus The Bug Queen

    3:Beast Quest Pack Series 6: 6 Books:
    Komodo The Lizard King
    Muro The Rat Monster
    Fang The Bat Fiend
    Murk The Swamp Man
    Terra Curse Of The Forest
    Vespick The Wasp Queen

    Tom Gates Series 1 & 2: 10 Books Collection Set:

    The Brilliant World of Tom Gates:
    Tom Gates is the master of excuses for late homework: dog attacks – spilt water – lightning…

    Excellent Excuses:
    This takes the form of Tom’s battered homework diary – crammed with his doodles and stories. “No school for two whole weeks!

    Everything’s Amazing:
    This takes the form of Tom’s battered homework diary – crammed with his doodles and stories. “Back to school, but it’s not all bad.

    Genius Ideas:
    “Seeing Delia without her sunglasses on is a BIG shock, but that’s nothing compared with the surprise Dad has in store for me with his new found fitness regime.

    Absolutely Fantastic:
    This takes the form of Tom’s battered homework diary – crammed with his doodles and stories.

    Extra Special Treats:
    It’s really cold outside and we’re all hoping it’s going to snow. Yeah! Derek and I could make a snow Rooster and have a snowball fight (look out, Delia!).

    Tom Gates A Tiny Bit Lucky:
    Will Tom and his band DOGZOMBIES be LUCKY enough to win the Rock Weekly Band Battle competition?

    Tom Gates Yes! No:
    Sometimes making up my mind isn’t easy to do. Especially when my grumpy sister Delia is LOOMING over me.

    Tom Gates Top of the Class:
    TIPS FOR BEING TOP OF THE CLASS (Sadly…I did NONE of these things.) 1. Stay awake in lessons (it helps.) 2. Don’t draw HILARIOUS pictures of your teachers. 3. AVOID the class bully to stay out of trouble.

    Tom Gates Super Good Skills:
    How will Tom manage to keep himself busy on the most boring campsite ever? By doodling, of course!

    Tom Gates Series 3: 5 Books Collection:

    Tom Gates DogZombies Rule:
    Here’s my EXCELLENT PLAN to make DogZombies the BEST band in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD! How hard can it be? (Very.) Right now I’m going to: 1. Write more songs. (Not about teachers.) 2. Make a SPECTACULAR music video. (Easy.) 3. Get some sleep. (Tricky when you’re being kept awake by LOUD NOISES.) 4. Annoy Delia. (Nothing to do with DOGZOMBIES but always FUN.)

    Family, Friends and Furry Creatures:
    In the next hilarious illustrated instalment of Tom Gates, Mr Fullerman has a class assignment: a family tree! Tom’s ready to learn all about the Gates family, his friends and a furry creature (or two!). But just what *is* that squeaking sound coming from Tom’s shoes?

    Tom Gates Epic Adventure (kind of):
    The brand new hilarious and fully-illustrated instalment of the bestselling Tom Gates series! Having two sets of grandparents is turning out to be very good for me. The Wrinklies are keen on giving presents AND they’re planning a family outing which is going to be EPIC! Even Delia wants to come. (I can always ignore her.)

    Biscuits, Bands and Very Big Plans:
    This book is VERY important because it contains BISCUITS, BANDS and all my (doodled) plans to make DogZombies the BEST band in the world.

    Tom Gates What Monster [Hardcover]:
    MONSTERS – MYSTERY – A MUSIC FESTIVAL – MISSING stuff – ME and Marcus (Not necessarily in THAT order). AND a very strict supply teacher – but don’t let that put you off!

    Diary of a Roblox Noob: The Complete Series:

    If your preteens love the world of Roblox, they’re going to go nuts for these Roblox books! Let them venture on an exciting journey to the edges of the Roblox universe with new characters, head-spinning plots, and uncontrollable laughter. Just as Noob gets more masterful in his gaming techniques, so too will your kids become top players at reading!

    Captain Underpants: 10 Book Set:

    Captain Underpants 10 Book Collection Pack RRP £ 59.90 Titles in This Set The Adventures of Captain Underpants, Captain underpants and the attack of the talking toilets, Captain underpants and the invasion of the incredibly naughty cafeteria ladies from outer space, Captain underpants and the perilous plot of professor poopypants, Captain underpants and the wrath of the wicked wedgie woman, Captain underpants and the big, bad battle of the bionic booger boy Part 1, Captain underpants and the big, bad battle of the bionic booger boy Part 2, Captain underpants and the preposterous plight of the purple potty people, Captain underpants and the Terrifying return of tippy tinkle trousers, Captain underpants and the Revolting Revenge of the Radioactive robo-boxers

    The Treehouse Storey Books 1 – 9 Collection Set :

    117 Storey Treehouse:
    They’ve got a tiny-horse level, a pyjama-party room, an Underpants Museum and Treehouse Information Centre!

    104 Storey Treehouse:
    They’ve added thirteen new levels, including a never-ending staircase, a burp bank, and even a mighty fortress.

    91 Storey Treehouse:
    They’ve added thirteen new levels, including the world’s most powerful whirlpool, a mashed-potato-and-gravy train and a human pinball machine.

    78 Storey Treehouse:
    They’ve added 13 new levels including a drive-thru car wash, a combining machine, a scribbletorium, an ALL-BALL sports stadium.

    65 Storey Treehouse:
    It has a pet-grooming salon,a birthday room where it’s always your birthday.

    52 Storey Treehouse:
    Andy and Terry’s incredible, ever-expanding treehouse has thirteen new storeys, including a watermelon-smashing level.

    39 Storey Treehouse:
    They’ve added a chocolate waterfall you can swim in, a volcano for toasting marshmallows, a bulldozer-battling level, a baby-dinosaur-petting zoo.

    26 Storey Treehouse:
    There are now thirteen brand-new storeys, including a dodgem-car rink, a skate ramp, a mud-fighting arena, an antigravity chamber.

    13 Storey Treehouse:
    It’s got a giant catapult, a secret underground laboratory, a tank of man-eating sharks and a marshmallow machine that follows you around and shoots marshmallows.

    Blood-curdling Box of Books (Horrible Histories Collections):

    All the foul favourites from the Horrible Histories series presented in a blood-curdling box with flip-top lid.

    Contains twenty books and includes:

    • Rotten Romans,
    • Terrible Tudors
    • and Awesome Egyptians.

    These bestselling titles are sure to be a huge hit with yet another generation of Terry Deary fans.

    Agatha Oddly Series 3 Books Collection:

    The Secret Key: Meet thirteen-year-old Agatha Oddly – a bold, determined heroine, and the star of a stylish new detective series. Agatha Oddlow has been a detective for as long as she can remember – she’s just been waiting for her first big case. And nothing gets bigger than saving the City of London from some strange goings-on. With a scholarship to the prestigious St Regis School, a cottage in the middle of Hyde Park, a room full of beloved sleuthing novels, and a secret key that gives her access to a whole hidden side of London, Agatha is perfectly poised to solve the mystery of what’s going on.

    Murder at the museum:

    A second mystery for thirteen-year-old Agatha Oddly – a bold, determined heroine, and the star of this stylish new detective series. Agatha Oddlow’s set to become the youngest member of the Gatekeepers’ Guild, but before that, she’s got a mystery to solve! There’s been a murder at the British Museum and, although the police are investigating, Agatha suspects that they’re missing a wider plot going on below London – a plot involving a disused Tube station, a huge fireworks display, and five thousand tonnes of gold bullion… The Silver Serpent: A third mystery for thirteen-year-old Agatha Oddly – a bold, determined heroine, and the star of this stylish new detective series.

    Agatha Oddlow is on the case with yet another adventure! An assistant at the National Gallery has gone missing, but when Agatha begins investigating, she uncovers a plot bigger than she could ever have imagined. Join Agatha as she travels throughout London and into the very heart of the mystery…

    The Boy Who Steals Houses:

    Can two broken boys find their perfect home? By turns heartbreaking and heartwarming, this is a gorgeously told, powerful story.

    Sam is only fifteen but he and his autistic older brother, Avery, have been abandoned by every relative he’s ever known. Now Sam’s trying to build a new life for them. He survives by breaking into empty houses when their owners are away, until one day he’s caught out when a family returns home. To his amazement this large, chaotic family takes him under their wing – each teenager assuming Sam is a friend of another sibling. Sam finds himself inextricably caught up in their life, and falling for the beautiful Moxie.

    But Sam has a secret, and his past is about to catch up with him.

    Heartfelt storytelling, perfect for fans of Jandy Nelson and Jennifer Niven.

    The 1,000-year-old Boy:

    The astonishing, beautiful new story for all readers of 10 and over from the bestselling and Costa-shortlisted author of TIME TRAVELLING WITH A HAMSTER.

    ‘A wonderful story’ Kiran Millwood Hargrave

    There are stories about people who want to live forever.

    This is not one of those stories.

    This is a story about someone who wants to stop…

    Alfie Monk is like any other nearly teenage boy – except he’s 1,000 years old and can remember the last Viking invasion of England.

    Obviously no one believes him.

    So when everything Alfie knows and loves is destroyed in a fire, and the modern world comes crashing in, Alfie embarks on a mission to find friendship, acceptance, and a different way to live…

    … which means finding a way to make sure he will eventually die.

    Heroes of Olympus Collection:

    Heroes of Olympus Complete Collection 5 Books Set Titles in the Set The Lost Hero, The Son of Neptune, The Mark of Athena, The House of Hades, The Blood of Olympus

    The Last Kids On Earth 6 Books Collection Box Set:

    Last Kids On Earth:
    ‘Forty-two days ago I was an ordinary kid, living an uneventful life. But now it’s TOTAL MONSTER ZOMBIE CHAOS and I’m battling beasts on a daily basis. Crazy, right? But I know exactly how to make it through the zombie apocalypse.’

    Zombie Parade:
    It’s still TOTAL MONSTER ZOMBIE CHAOS on the streets, but now Jack has a gang of friends to help him through – science genius and best friend Quint, super-strong Dirk and all-round coolest girl ever, June. Not to mention Rover, Jack’s awesome monster pet!

    Nightmare King:
    ‘Terrifyingly fun! Max Brallier’s The Last Kids on Earth delivers big thrills and even bigger laughs.’ Jeff Kinney, author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid Wimpy Kid meets The Walking Dead in this hilarious series packed with monsters and zombies.

    Cosmic Beyond:
    ‘Terrifyingly fun! Max Brallier’s The Last Kids on Earth delivers big thrills and even bigger laughs.’ Jeff Kinney, author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.The newest installment in this New York Times bestselling series introduces new monsters.

    Midnight Blade:
    Surviving their first winter after the Monster Apocalypse was no easy feat, yet Jack and his buddies waste no time springing to action against some of the nastiest, most evil monsters around.

    Skeleton Road:
    Wimpy Kid meets The Walking Dead in this hilarious series packed with monsters and zombies. The highly-anticipated 6th book of the New York Times and USA Today bestselling series, with over 3 million copies in print!

    The Odd 1s Out: Boxed Set:

    An extra odd boxed set of the first two books in The Odd 1s Out series, by bestselling author and YouTube star James Rallison

    James Rallison has always felt like he was on the outside looking in. His YouTube videos are all about his “odd” behaviour, and with over 15 million subscribers and millions more followers on social media, these animations have found their way into the hearts of fans who also feel like a bit of an odd one.

    This boxed set includes the first two books in The Odd 1s Out series, appealing to both established fans and new readers of all ages with their easy humour and handy advice.

    Loki: Agent Of Asgard – The Complete Collection:

    As Asgardia’s one-man secret service, Loki is ready to lie, cheat and steal his way through the most treacherous missions the All-Mother can throw at
    him – starting with a heart-stopping heist at Avengers Tower! Loki takes on Lorelei in Monte Carlo’s casinos, heads to the ancient past on a quest for a
    magical sword and puts together a crew to crack the deepest dungeons of Asgardia itself! Plus: Axis pits him against the brutish Thor, god of evil! But
    who is King Loki? What vile scheme has he been brewing all this time? And what does this shadowy king’s very existence mean for our Loki?

    Minecraft Volume 1:

    The first Graphic Novel in the world of Gaming Phenomenon Minecraft! Tyler is your everyday kid whose life is changed when his family has to move from the town he’s always known. Thankfully, Tyler has a strong group of friends forever linked in the world of Minecraft! Tyler, along with his friends Evan, Candace, Tobi, and Grace have been going on countless adventures together across the expanses of the Overworld and are in need of a new challenge. They decide to go on the Ultimate Quest – to travel to the End and face off against the ender dragon!

    Pokemon Ultimate Collection Series Books 1-14 Set:

    Can you read them all? Check out the other books in the series:

    • 1: Ash’s Big Challenge
    • 2: Pokémon Peril
    • 3: The Orange League
    • 4: Scyther vs Charizard
    • 5: Race to Danger
    • 6: Show Time!
    • 7: Power Up Psyduck
    • 8: The Winner’s Cup
    • 9: The Pokémon School
    • 10: Alolan Challenge
    • 11: Adventure on Treasure Island
    • 12: Old Friends, New Battles
    • 13: Pokemon Unknown
    • 14: The Chikorita Challenge

    Twelve Minutes to Midnight (Twelve Minutes to Midnight Trilogy):

    Step into the past to discover a thrilling mystery about a sinister plot to shape and control the future, in this spine-tingling historical adventure from award-winning author Christopher Edge.

    Penelope Tredwell is the feisty thirteen-year-old orphan heiress of the bestselling magazine, The Penny Dreadful. Her masterly tales of the macabre are gripping Victorian Britain, even if no one knows she’s the author. One day, a letter she receives from the governor of the notorious Bedlam madhouse plunges her into an adventure more terrifying than anything she has ever imagined

    Why are the patients of Bedlam waking every night at twelve minutes to midnight? What is the meaning of the strange messages they write? Who is the Spider Lady of South Kensington?

    Spine-tingling historical adventure series with a supernatural twist! From the acclaimed author of The Many Worlds of Albie Bright and The Infinite Lives of Maisie Day.

    The Girl Who Stole an Elephant:

    Chaya, a no-nonsense, outspoken hero, leads her friends and a gorgeous elephant on a noisy, fraught, joyous adventure through the jungle where revolution is stirring and leeches lurk. Will stealing the queen’s jewels be the beginning or the end of everything for the intrepid gang? With cover illustration by David Dean.

    The Girl Who Stole an Elephant is as rich, dazzling and alluring as a pouchful of royal jewels, and as triumphant as a trumpeting elephant! I loved it!” – Sophie Anderson, author of The House with Chicken Legs

    “A glorious fast-paced adventure through the jungle. I love Chaya’s spirit and determination and the friendships that are built along the way. I feel I am there with Chaya and her friends. The Girl Who Stole an Elephant is adventuring at its best; a mystery, a jewel thief, and escape into the jungle with an elephant at your side.” – Gill Lewis, author of Sky Hawk

    Case Closed #1: Mystery in the Mansion:

    Pick-your-own-path and puzzle-packed mystery collide in the first book in Lauren Magaziner’s hilarious and high-stakes three-book middle grade series in which the reader must help Carlos and his friends put together the clues to save his mom’s detective agency.

    In this wildly entertaining and interactive adventure, YOU pick which suspects to interview, which questions to ask, and which clues to follow. You pick the path—you crack the case!

    Carlos Serrano has never solved a mystery in his life. But when Carlos’s mom gets sick with a flu on the morning of an investigation that could save her failing detective agency, Carlos takes on the case.

    With the help of his best friend, Eliza, and her wild little brother, Frank, Carlos must uncover a mystery involving an eccentric local millionaire, anonymous death threats, and a buried treasure. But with tricky riddles, cagey suspects, hidden secrets, and dozens of impossible choices, they need your help!

    Can you help Carlos and his friends find the culprit and save Las Pistas Detective Agency? Or will it be case closed?

    Dragons have invaded Crumbling Castle, and all of King Arthur’s knights are either on holiday or visiting their grannies. It’s a disaster!

    Luckily, there’s a spare suit of armour and a very small boy called Ralph who’s willing to fill it. Together with Fortnight the Friday knight and Fossfiddle the wizard, Ralph sets out to defeat the fearsome fire-breathers.

    But there’s a teeny weeny surprise in store . . .

    Fourteen fantastically funny stories from master storyteller Sir Terry Pratchett, full of time travel and tortoises, monsters and mayhem!

    The Train to Impossible Places Adventure 3 Book Set Collection:

    Join the journey to Impossible Places, where there’s magic at every stop

    Suzy is surprised to find a grumpy troll building a railway through her house – especially when a gigantic steam train crashes into her hallway! This is the Impossible Postal Express, the trusty delivery service of the Union of Impossible Places, and Suzy becomes its newest recruit. And with her cursed first package, an Impossible adventure begins.

    Welcome to the Impossible Places Where there’s fuzzics not physics, where adventure meets magic and where the journey will never, ever take you where you expect it to.

    The Sherlock Holmes Children’s Collection: Shadows, Secrets and Stolen Treasure (Easy Classics) 10 Book Box Set (A Study in Scarlet, The Sign of the … Holmes Children’s Collection:

    This 10 book box set includes a children’s adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories. A perfect gift for young fans of mystery and detective books and a great introduction to classics for children aged 7+.

    Each story also includes a free audiobook via a QR code to provide an entertaining and engaging listening experience.

    This 10 book set includes: A Study In Scarlet, The Sign of the Four, The Blue Carbuncle, The Speckled Band, The Naval Treaty, The Sussex Vampire, The Red Headed League and The Three Students.

    The Danger Gang:

    Franky can’t wait to move to his new town – although he wishes he didn’t have to leave his best friend Dani behind.
    But everything changes after the storm, when strange green lightning and powerful thunder crash down on the town. From that night on, the kids who live on Franky’s street start to change. One by one, they become a little odd. A little unusual. A little… magical.

    Franky’s always wanted to be part of an amazing gang – just like his hero, super-spy Zack Danger! And soon, he realises that there’s real danger in store for himself and his new friends.

    And so the Danger Gang is born…

    Percy Jackson Collection 7 Books Set:

    Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief:
    I was just a normal kid, I went to school (got expelled a lot, but that wasn’t my fault), played sports and hung out with my best friend.Until I accidentally vaporized my maths teacher.

    Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters:
    I look like a normal kid. Only there’s a difference. Poseidon, God of the Sea is my dad. Which sounds cool, but actually means there is usually someone (or something), somewhere, trying to kill me.

    Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse:
    My life could have been the same as an ordinary teenager. Except my dad is Poseidon, and I live in a camp full of half Gods and mythical creatures.So instead, my days are spent combatting half-lion half-humans and trying to live a somewhat normal life.

    Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labyrinth:
    Being the son of a Greek God, nothing in my life has been straightforward. Or monster-free. And it looks like that’s not going to change anytime soon now that my arch enemy.

    Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian:
    Normally when you turn sixteen you get a really cool present.But, being sixteen and the son of Poseidon can never be that simple. So instead, I get a prophecy that says the fate of the entire world on my shoulders. Great.

    Percy Jackson and the Greek Heroes:
    In this gripping follow-up to Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods, demigod Percy Jackson tells the stories of twelve of the original Greek heroes in all their gory, bloodthirsty glory.

    Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods:
    In this action-packed tour of Greek mythology, Percy gives his hilarious personal views on the feuds, fights and love affairs of the Olympians.

    What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions:

    Fans ask him a lot of strange questions: How fast can you hit a speed bump, driving, and live? When (if ever) did the sun go down on the British Empire? When will Facebook contain more profiles of dead people than living? How many humans would a T Rex rampaging through New York need to eat a day? In pursuit of answers, Munroe runs computer simulations, pores over stacks of declassified military research memos, solves differential equations and consults nuclear reactor operators His responses are masterpieces of clarity and hilarity, complemented by comics. They often predict the complete annihilation of humankind or at least a really big explosion.

    The Girl of Ink & Stars:

    Forbidden to leave her island, Isabella dreams of the faraway lands her cartographer father once mapped.

    When her friend disappears, she volunteers to guide the search. The world beyond the walls is a monster-filled wasteland – and beneath the dry rivers and smoking mountains, a fire demon is stirring from its sleep.

    Soon, following her map, her heart and an ancient myth, Isabella discovers the true end of her journey: to save the island itself.

    13 Words:

    From bestselling author Lemony Snicket and celebrated illustrator Maira Kalman comes an uproarious, whimsical word book like no other.

    Together, Snicket and Kalman present a strikingly beautiful journey woven from a practical introduction to thirteen wonderful words, featuring such marvels as Bird, Dog, Panache, and Haberdashery. Snicket, the notoriously clever and elusive New York Times bestselling author, pushes the boundaries of storytelling in the most fanciful of ways. Maira Kalman, renowned for her art and design, carries this madcap adventure to wondrous heights with her vision of a world populated with hats, song, and cake. This rollicking, surprising book is a true celebration of words.

    The Kid Who Came from Space:

    The stunning new 10+ story from the bestselling and award-winning author of TIME TRAVELLING WITH A HAMSTER, for anyone who loved the humour of WALL-E, the action of STAR WARS and the deeply touching emotion of ET.

    A small village in the wilds of Northumberland is rocked by the disappearance of twelve-year-old Tammy. Only her twin brother, Ethan, knows she is safe – and the extraordinary truth of where she is. It is a secret he must keep, or risk never seeing her again.

    But that doesn’t mean he’s going to give up.

    Together with his friend Iggy and the mysterious (and very hairy) Hellyann, Ethan teams up with a spaceship called Philip, and Suzy the trained chicken, for a nail-biting chase to get his sister back… that will take him further than anyone has ever been before.

    What Not to Do If You Turn Invisible:

    From the author of the unforgettable bestseller TIME TRAVELLING WITH A HAMSTER comes another surprising, beautiful and funny novel about a child who, by disappearing, will write herself into your heart forever…

    Turning invisible at will: it’s one way of curing your acne. But far more drastic than 13 year-old Ethel Leatherhead intended when she tried a combination of untested medicines and a sunbed.

    It’s fun at first, being invisible. And aided by her friend Boydy, she manages to keep her extraordinary ability secret. Or does she…?

    When one day the invisibility fails to wear off, Ethel is thrown into a nightmare of lies and deception as she struggles to keep herself safe, to find the remedy that will make her seen again – and solve the mystery of her own birth…

    Horrible History of the World:

    The Horrible History of the World presents the foul but fascinating story of humans from brain-nibbling Neanderthals to terrified teenage soldiers in the twentieth century.

    You can discover:

    • Why Alexander the Great banned beards
    • What smelly sport was played by samurai warriors
    • And who tried to bump off her enemies with a cake made with poisoned bath-water.

    It’s all you ever need to know about the wicked world – all the gore and more!

    The Humans:

    After an ‘incident’ one wet Friday night where Professor Andrew Martin is found walking naked through the streets of Cambridge, he is not feeling quite himself. Food sickens him. Clothes confound him. Even his loving wife and teenage son are repulsive to him. He feels lost amongst a crazy alien species and hates everyone on the planet. Everyone, that is, except Newton, and he’s a dog.

    What could possibly make someone change their mind about the human race. . . ?

    Boy Underwater:

    A heart-breaking, heart-warming novel for everyone of 10 and older – this book will probably make you cry, and will definitely make you laugh.

    Cymbeline Igloo (yes, really!) has NEVER been swimming

    Not ever. Not once.

    But how hard can it be? He’s Googled front crawl and he’s found his dad’s old pair of trunks. He’s totally ready.

    What he’s not ready for is the accident at the pool – or how it leads his mum to a sudden breakdown.

    Now, with the help of friends old and new, Cymbeline must solve the mystery of why his mum never took him near water – and it will turn his whole life upside down…

    ‘A wonderful story, moving and funny’ – Ross Welford

    Harry Potter Children’s Collection: The Complete Collection:

    Escape to Hogwarts with the unmissable series that has sparked a lifelong reading journey for children and families all over the world!

    Harry Potter has never even heard of Hogwarts when letters start dropping on the doormat at number four, Privet Drive. Addressed in green ink on yellowish parchment with a purple seal, they are swiftly confiscated by his grisly aunt and uncle. Then, on Harry’s eleventh birthday, a great beetle-eyed giant of a man called Rubeus Hagrid bursts in with some astonishing news – Harry Potter is a wizard, and he has a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The magic starts here .

    These irresistible editions, presented in a gorgeous slipcase featuring Hogwarts, are the essential Harry Potter. A must have for every child at the start of the most magical reading adventure. These books are to be treasured and read time and time again, as readers lose themselves in the greatest children’s story of all time.

    Frank Cottrell Boyce Collection 5 Books Bundle:

    Frank Cottrell Boyce Collection 5 Books Set Titles in the Set Sputnik’s Guide to Life on Earth, Millions, Cosmic, The Astounding Broccoli Boy, Framed.

    Accidental Trouble Magnet: Book 1 (Planet Omar):

    Welcome, readers, to the imaginative brain of Omar! You might not know me yet, but once you open the pages of this book you’ll laugh so hard that snot will come out of your nose (plus you might meet a dragon and a zombie – what more could you want?).

    My parents decided it would be a good idea to move house AND move me to a new school at the same time. As if I didn’t have a hard enough time staying out of trouble at home, now I’ve also got to try and make new friends. What’s worse, the class bully seems to think I’m the perfect target.

    At least Eid’s around the corner which means a feast (YAY) and presents (DOUBLE YAY). Well, as long as I can stay in Mum and Dad’s good books long enough…

    The combination of Zanib Mian’s hilarious text and Nasaya Mafaridik’s fantastic cartoon-style illustrations make the PLANET OMAR series perfect for fans of Tom Gates and Wimpy Kid.

    Once (Once/Now/Then/After):

    My name is Felix. This is my story.

    Felix has been living in an orphanage for three years and eight months when the men in armbands arrive to burn the books.

    Going on the run in search of his parents, Felix soon learns that Poland in 1942 is not a safe place for Jewish boys. But can his gift for storytelling keep him one step ahead of the Nazis and help him find his parents?

    After all, everybody deserves to have something good in their life at least once.

    ‘Morris Gleitzman has a rare gift for writing very funny stories and an even rarer gift of wrapping very serious stories inside them’ – Guardian

    Once is the first in a series of novels about Felix and his family. The sequels – Then, After, Soon, Maybe and Now – are also available from Puffin.

    Planetarium: (Welcome To The Museum):

    Welcome to the museum that is always open to explore… Step inside the pages of this beautiful book to discover galleries of galactic matter, expertly curated to bring you the experience of a fascinating exhibition from the comfort of your own home. Planetarium features all aspects of space, from the Sun and our Solar System, to the lives of stars, the Milky Way and the Universe beyond. With stunning artwork from Chris Wormell and informative text by Professor Raman Prinja, Planetarium is the perfect gift for anyone with an interest in this fascinating field.

    Onjali Rauf Collection 3 Books Set (The Night Bus Hero, The Star Outside my Window, The Boy At the Back of the Class):

    Onjali Rauf Collection 3 Books Set:

    The Night Bus Hero:
    I’ve been getting into trouble for as long I can remember. Usually I don’t mind ‘cos some of my best, most brilliant ideas have come from sitting in detention.But recently it feels like no one believes me about anything – even when I’m telling the truth! And it’s only gotten worse since I played a prank on the old man who lives in the park.Everyone thinks I’m just a bully. They don’t believe I could be a hero.But I’m going to prove them all wrong…

    The Star Outside my Window:
    Following the disappearance of her mum, 10-year-old Aniyah suddenly finds herself living in foster care. With her life in disarray, she knows just one thing for sure: her mum isn’t gone for ever. Because people with the brightest hearts never truly leave. They become stars.So when a new star is spotted acting strangely in the sky, Aniyah is sure it’s her mum, and she embarks on the adventure of a lifetime to make sure everyone else knows too.

    The Boy At the Back of the Class:
    There used to be an empty chair at the back of my class, but now a new boy called Ahmet is sitting in it. He’s nine years old (just like me), but he’s very strange. He never talks and never smiles and doesn’t like sweets – not even lemon sherbets, which are my favourite! But then I learned the truth: Ahmet really isn’t very strange at all. He’s a refugee who’s run away from a War. A real one. With bombs and fires and bullies that hurt people. And the more I find out about him, the more I want to help.

    The Hobbit:

    The Hobbit:
    This is the story of how a Baggins had an adventure, and found himself doing and saying things altogether unexpected…Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit who enjoys a comfortable, unambitious life, rarely travelling further than the pantry of his hobbit-hole in Bag End. But his contentment is disturbed when the wizard, Gandalf, and a company of thirteen dwarves arrive on his doorstep one day, to whisk him away on a journey ‘there and back again’.

    The Fellowship of the Ring:
    In a sleepy village in the Shire, a young hobbit is entrusted with an immense task. He must make a perilous journey across Middle-earth to the Cracks of Doom, there to destroy the Ruling Ring of Power – the only thing that prevents the Dark Lord Sauron’s evil dominion.

    The Two Towers:
    The company of the Ring is torn asunder. Frodo and Sam continue their journey alone down the great River Anduin – alone, that is, save for the mysterious creeping figure that follows wherever they go. This continues the classic tale begun in The Fellowship of the Ring, which reaches its awesome climax in The Return of the King.

    The Return of the King:
    The armies of the Dark Lord are massing as his evil shadow spreads even wider. Men, Dwarves, Elves and Ents unite forces to battle against the Dark. Meanwhile, Frodo and Sam struggle further into Mordor in their heroic quest to destroy the One Ring.

    100 best books for a 9 year old:

    Chronicles Of Narnia 7 Book Collection Box Set:

    Fantastic Collection! BOXSET.

    C.S. Lewis tells his remarkable tales of the magical land of Narnia and its immortal inhabitants including Aslan the lion, Mr Tumnus the Faun and the evil White Witch.

    This collection features the 7 novels that together make up the Chronicles, so that the adventures of Aslan and his friends can be read over and over again.

    Titles in this amazing set include: ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’, ‘The Magician’s Nephew’, ‘The Horse and His Boy’, ‘Prince Caspian’, ‘The Voyage of the Dawn Treader’, ‘The Silver Chair’ and ‘The Last Battle’.

    An exceptional box set full of classic fantasy stories! A fantastic gift for those that enjoyed the incredible films.

    Jacqueline Wilson 10 Books Collection Set (Bed and Breakfast Star, Best Friends, Bad Girls, Double Act, Illustrated Mum, Midnight, Sleepovers, Suitcase Kid & MORE!):

    Jacqueline Wilson 10 Books Collection Set: The Bed and Breakfast Star: Where do baby apes sleep? In apricots! I’m Elsa, and that’s one of my jokes (I tell LOTS of jokes and I’m going to be a big star one day). Best Friends: Gemma and Alice were born on the same day and have been devoted best friends ever since. Despite Gemma’s larger-than-life personality and Alice’s quieter, calmer character, the two are inseparable.. Bad Girls: Shy, mild Mandy has been bullied at school for as long as she can remember. That’s why she is delighted when cheeky, daring, full-of-fun Tanya picks her as a friend. Double Act: Ruby and Garnet are ten-year-old twins. They’re identical, and they do EVERYTHING together, especially since their mother died three years earlier. 

    Little Badman and the Time-travelling Teacher of Doom:

    I’m Humza Khan, the greatest eleven-year-old rapper Eggington ever had. I’ve also faced deadly alien slugs, killer aunties and double maths.

    But now, I (and my best friend Umer I guess) face something even scarier – my dad! He’s pretty fed up with us being naughty, so he’s sending us away . . . to school.

    But this is not ordinary school. This is a special summer school in Pakistan, and man something weird is going on – someone has been messing with time!

    I may have to save the world again . . .

    The Unadoptables: Five fantastic children on the adventure of a lifetime:

    The remarkable. The extraordinary. The brave.

    Way back in the autumn of 1880, five babies are discovered at the Little Tulip Orphanage in most unusual circumstances. Those babies are Lotta, Egbert, Fenna, Sem and Milou.
    The vile matron calls the children ‘the unadoptables’ but this talented gang of best friends know that their individuality is what makes them so special – and so determined to stay together.
    When a sinister gentleman tries to get them in his clutches, the children make a daring escape across the frozen canals of Amsterdam, embarking on an adventure packed with pirate ships and puppets. But is their real home – and their real family – already closer than they realize?

    The Trials of Apollo Series Books 1 – 4 Collection Box Set:

    The Hidden Oracle:
    He was once an immortal God. Now, he’s a teenage boy called Lester.Apollo has angered his father Zeus for the last time.So, how do you punish an immortal? By making him human. Obviously.Cast down from Olympus, he’s weak, disorientated and stuck in New York City as a teenage boy.

    The Dark Prophecy:
    There’s only one way he can earn back Zeus’ favour, and that’s to seek and restore the ancient oracles – but that’s easier said than done.Apollo must head to the American Midwest where, rumour has it, a haunted cave may hold answers.There are a few things standing in his way though. The cave could kill him, or drive him insane.Oh, and a Roman Emperor, whose love of bloodshed makes Nero look tame.

    The Burning Maze:
    He was a God once. Until he was cast out his father, Zeus. Now, he’s an awkward teenager. Called Lester.The only way out is a series of scary and dangerous trials, of course.For his third trial, Apollo must journey through the Labyrinth to free an Oracle who only speaks in puzzles.Then, defeat the most vicious of three very vicious Roman Emperors.(All without the use of his godly powers.)

    The Tyrant’s Tomb:
    Things are getting very bad, very fast, for Apollo . . .The former God Apollo is having a pretty rough time of it. Well, for one thing, he’s been turned into a human and banished from Olympus. And he’s called Lester. But being an awkward mortal teenager is the least of his worries right now. Though he and some of his friends have emerged from the Burning Maze, rescued the Oracle and lived to fight another day, they can’t escape the tragedy that has befallen them, or the terrible trials still to face.

    A Really Short History of Nearly Everything:

    Adapted from A Short History of Nearly Everything, this stunningly illustrated book from Bill Bryson takes us from the Big Bang to the dawn of science, and everything in between!

    Ever wondered how we got from nothing to something?
    Or thought about how we can weigh the earth?
    Or wanted to reach the edge of the universe?

    Uncover the mysteries of time, space and life on earth in this extraordinary book – a journey from the centre of the planet, to the dawn of the dinosaurs, and everything in between.

    And discover our own incredible journey, from single cell to civilisation, including the brilliant (and sometimes very bizarre) scientists who helped us find out the how and why.

    The ideal book for curious young readers everywhere.

    Brown Girl Dreaming:

    A President Obama O Book Club pick

    Raised in South Carolina and New York, Woodson always felt halfway home in each place. In vivid poems, she shares what it was like to grow up as an African American in the 1960s and 1970s, living with the remnants of Jim Crow and her growing awareness of the Civil Rights movement. Touching and powerful, each poem is both accessible and emotionally charged, each line a glimpse into a child’s soul as she searches for her place in the world. Woodson’s eloquent poetry also reflects the joy of finding her voice through writing stories, despite the fact that she struggled with reading as a child. Her love of stories inspired her and stayed with her, creating the first sparks of the gifted writer she was to become.

    Goodnight Mister Tom:

    Winner of the Guardian Children’s Fiction Award, GOODNIGHT MISTER TOM is of one of the best-loved stories set during the Second World War.

    Everyone’s idea of a smash-hit novel: full-blown characters to love and hate, moments of grief and joy, and a marvellous story that knows just how to grab the emotions’ – Guardian

    Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian is the unforgettable story of young Willie Beech, evacuated to the country as Britain stands on the brink of the Second World War. A sad, deprived child, he slowly begins to flourish under the unlikely care of grumpy old Tom Oakley. But then his new-found happiness is shattered by a summons from his mother to come back to London. As the weeks pass by Tom begins to worry when William doesn’t answer his letters, so he goes to London to find him, and there makes a terrible discovery.

    Charlotte’s Web:

    ‘From grammar to the tenderness in which this story is delivered, E. B. White’s writing is so perfect… And Garth William’s muted illustrations are entirely without fault. Whether read aloud or solo, this is a book well deserving of it’s “classic” status.’ – The Children’s Book Review

    A poignant, humorous story of a pig, a spider and a little girl.
    Wilbur the pig’s life has already been saved by Fern, but when he is sold to her uncle, he realises his life is in even more danger. Enter Charlotte A. Cavatica, a beautiful large grey spider. Charlotte is determined to keep Wilbur from the chopping block, and comes up with an ingenious way to do just that.

    The Soul Hunters:

    Have you ever experienced dreams so vivid it seems like you have lived them? Or had déjà vu so strong you’re convinced you must have been there before?

    The explosive first book in a brand new action-packed series from bestselling author Chris Bradford.

    Late one night a schoolgirl is attacked in a city park. When a stranger rushes to her rescue, Genna Adams believes it’s luck that their paths crossed. Then a week later, the same boy saves her from being kidnapped and Genna realises this is no coincidence. But the explanation offered by the boy, Phoenix, is even stranger than she could have imagined – a long-forgotten foe has tracked her across lifetimes to lay claim to Genna’s very soul.

    As the hunters close in, Genna has no choice but to trust her mysterious protector – and soon she is swept into a deadly adventure, racing across time to save herself and, ultimately, the human race.

    The Hatmakers:

    Cordelia comes from a long line of magical milliners, who weave alchemy and enchantment into every hat.

    In Cordelia’s world, Making – crafting items such as hats, cloaks, watches, boots and gloves from magical ingredients – is a rare and ancient skill, and only a few special Maker families remain.

    But life as a magical milliner isn’t without its difficulties . . .

    When Cordelia’s father Prospero and his ship, the Jolly Bonnet, are lost at sea during a mission to collect hat ingredients, Cordelia is determined to find him. But her Uncle Tiberius and Aunt Ariadne have no time to help the littlest Hatmaker, for an ancient rivalry between the Maker families is threatening to surface.

    Even worse, someone seems to be using Maker magic to start a war. It’s up to Cordelia to find out who, and why . . .

    The Ship of Shadows:

    Aleja is a dreamer who longs for a life of magic and adventure. So when a mysterious ship arrives in her Spanish harbour city, crewed by a band of ruthless women, Aleja knows it’s sailed right out of a legend.

    And it wants her.

    But life aboard the Ship of Shadows is more than even she bargained for. It will take all of Aleja’s strength and skill to gain the trust of her fellow pirates – and discover what they are risking everything to find . . .

    Kay’s Anatomy: A Complete (and Completely Disgusting) Guide to the Human Body:

    Do you ever think about your body and how it all works? Like really properly think about it? The human body is extraordinary and fascinating and, well . . . pretty weird. Yours is weird, mine is weird, your maths teacher’s is even weirder.

    This book is going to tell you what’s actually going on in there, and answer the really important questions, like:

    Are bogeys safe to eat? Look, if your nose is going to all that effort of creating a snack, the least we can do is check out its nutritional value. (Yes, they’re safe. Chew away!)

    And how much of your life will you spend on the toilet? About a year – so bring a good book. (I recommend this one.)

    So sit back, relax, put on some rubber gloves, and let a doctor take you on a poo (and puke) filled tour of your insides. Welcome to Kay’s Anatomy*.

    *A fancy word for your body. See, you’re learning already.*

    The Secret Dragon:

    The perfect tale of friendship and adventure for young explorers aged 8+, shortlisted for the 2020 Tir na n-Og Awards.

    ‘So if you’re not an animal that’s alive today, and you’re not an animal that’s extinct either, what on earth are you?’

    Mari Jones is desperate to be a real scientist, even though she’s only eleven. So when she discovers a tiny dragon while fossil hunting on the beach, she’s sure she can find a good scientific explanation – as long as she can keep it hidden long enough to study it.

    Unfortunately for Mari, this is one secret that doesn’t want to be kept. And as she starts to form a deeper bond with the mischievous dragon, she might have to admit that, when it comes to friendship, science might not have all the answers…

    Shipwreck Island:

    Orphans Ellie and Seth have crossed an endless ocean in search of freedom and peace.

    Arriving on the shores of a colourful tropical island ruled by a mysterious queen, it seems they might just have found the perfect new home.

    But there is trouble brewing in paradise and soon Ellie and Seth find themselves caught up in a dangerous struggle for power – and forced to confront terrible truths from their past . . .

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid Collection 12 Books Box Set:

    12 Book collection Box Set Diary Of a Wimpy Kid Diary Of a Wimpy Kid – Rodrick Rules Diary Of a Wimpy Kid – The Last Straw Diary Of a Wimpy Kid – Dog Days Diary Of a Wimpy Kid – The Ugly Truth Diary Of a Wimpy Kid – Cabin Fever Diary Of a Wimpy Kid – The Third Wheel Diary Of a Wimpy Kid – Hard Luck Diary Of a Wimpy Kid – The Long Haul Diary Of a Wimpy Kid – Old School Diary Of a Wimpy Kid – Double Down Diary Of a Wimpy Kid – Do-It-Yourself Book

    The Graveyard Book:

    When a baby escapes a murderer intent on killing the entire family, who would have thought it would find safety and security in the local graveyard? Brought up by the resident ghosts, ghouls and spectres, Bod has an eccentric childhood learning about life from the dead. But for Bod there is also the danger of the murderer still looking for him – after all, he is the last remaining member of the family. A stunningly original novel deftly constructed over eight chapters, featuring every second year of Bod’s life, from babyhood to adolescence. Will Bod survive to be a man?

    A Tale Dark and Grimm:

    Reader: beware. Warlocks with dark spells, hunters with deadly aim, and bakers with ovens retrofitted for cooking children lurk within these pages.
    But if you dare, turn the page and learn the true story of Hansel and Gretel – the story behind (and beyond) the bread crumbs, edible houses and outwitted witches.
    Come on in. It may be frightening, it’s certainly bloody, and it’s definitely not for the faint of heart.

    The Invention of Hugo Cabret:


    Twelve-year-old Hugo lives in the walls of a busy Paris train station, where his survival depends on secrets and anonymity.

    But when his world suddenly interlocks with an eccentric girl and her grandfather, Hugo’s undercover life, and his most precious secret, are put in jeopardy.

    A cryptic drawing, a treasured notebook, a stolen key, a mechanical man, and a hidden message from Hugo’s dead father form the backbone of this intricate, tender, and spellbinding mystery.

    Rangers Apprentice 6 Books Collection Set Book 1-6 (Series 1) – Ruins of Gorlan, Burning Bridge, Icebound Land, The Oakleaf Bearers, The Sorcerer in the North, The Siege of Macindaw:

    The fate of Araluen rests in the hands of two young adventurers: the Ranger Will and his warrior friend, Horace. Yet for Will, the stakes are even higher. Titles in this set are The Ruins of Gorlan, The Burning Bridge, The Icebound Land, Oakleaf Bearers, The Sorcerer in the North and The Siege of Macindaw.

    Brian Jacques Redwall Series 6 Books Collection Set (Redwall, Mossflower, Mattimeo, Mariel of Redwall & Martin the Warrior, Salamandastron):

    A Tale Of Redwall 6 Books Young Adult Collection Paperback Set By Brian Jacques Titles In This Set

    1) Redwall

    2) Mattimeo

    3) Martin the Warrior

    4) Mariel Of Redwall

    5) Mossflower

    6) Salamandastron

    Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH:

    Time is running out for Mrs Frisby, a widowed mouse with four small children. She must move her family before the farmer destroys their home. But her youngest son, Timothy, lies ill with pneumonia and is too sick to be taken on such a perilous journey.
    Help comes in the unexpected form of a highly extraordinary breed of super-intelligent rats. The rats of NIMH come up with a brilliant solution to Mrs Frisby’s problem and she, in turn, renders them a great service, but the rats are in danger too, and little by little Mrs Frisby discovers their extraordinary past . .

    Matilda: Roald Dahl:

    So Matilda’s strong young mind continued to grow, nurtured by the voices of all those authors who had sent their books out into the world like ships on the sea. These books gave Matilda a hopeful and comforting message: You are not alone.”

    Matilda is the world’s most famous bookworm, no thanks to her ghastly parents.

    Her father thinks she’s a little scab. Her mother spends all afternoon playing bingo.

    And her headmistress, Miss Trunchbull?

    She’s the worst of all.

    She’s a big bully, who thinks all her pupils are rotten and locks them in the dreaded Chokey.

    Despite these beastly grownups trying to push her down, Matilda is an extraordinary girl with a magical mind.

    And she’s had enough.

    A Long Walk to Water:

    Eleven-year-old Salva is forced to flee on foot when his village comes under attack. Braving every imaginable hardship – including killer lions and hungry crocodiles – he is one of the ‘lost boys’ travelling the African continent on foot in search of his family and a safe place to stay.

    Nya goes to the pond two times a day to fetch water. It takes her eight hours. But there is unexpected hope, as these two stories set in Sudan – one unfolding in 2008 and one in 1985 – go on to intersect with Nya’s in an astonishing and moving way.

    One and Only Ivan:

    Winner of the Newbery Medal 2013 Inspired by a true story, this is the beautifully written tale of how a mighty gorilla wins his freedom. A winning blend of humour and poignancy that will appeal to fans of Michael Morpurgo. Ivan is an easy-going gorilla who has spent his life performing for the crowds at the Exit 8 shopping mall. He rarely misses life in the jungle. In fact, he hardly thinks about it at all. But everything changes when a baby elephant called Ruby arrives and Ivan realises he must find a new life for them both. Told from Ivan’s perspective this is a stand-out novel with a pertinent message for readers of 9+.

    Esperanza Rising:

    Esperanza thought she’d always live with her family on their ranch in Mexico–she’d always have fancy dresses, a beautiful home, and servants. But a sudden tragedy forces Esperanza and Mama to flee to California during the Great Depression, and to settle in a camp for Mexican farm workers. Esperanza isn’t ready for the hard labour, financial struggles, or lack of acceptance she now faces. When their new life is threatened, Esperanza must find a way to rise above her difficult circumstances–Mama’s life, and her own, depend on it.

    Walk Two Moons:

    Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked two moons in his moccasins.

    What is the meaning of this strange message left on the doorstep? Only Sal knows, and on a road trip with her grandparents she tells the bizarre tale of Phoebe Winterbottom, Phoebe’s disappearing mother and the lunatic. But who can help Sal make sense of the mystery that surrounds her own story . . . and her own missing mother?

    Roller Girl:

    Astrid has always done everything with her best friend Nicole. So when Astrid falls in love with roller derby and signs up for a summer camp, she’s sure Nicole will be right by her side – until Nicole signs up for ballet camp instead, with Astrid’s biggest rival. So begins the hardest summer of Astrid’s life, as she struggles to stay on her skates, to learn who she is without Nicole . . . and to find out what it takes to be a strong, tough, awesome roller girl.

    Zita the Spacegirl Trilogy Boxed Set, The: Zita the Spacegirl, Legends of Zita the Spacegirl, The Return of Zita the Spacegirl:

    Don a cape and follow the indomitable space explorer Zita from start to finish! From her unlikely origin as a humble earth girl to her wildest spacefaring adventures – robot doppelgangers, space whales, doomsday cults – it’s all here in one deluxe package. This sturdy boxed set includes the paperback editions of the three Zita the Space girl books and a free poster by New York Times bestselling author/illustrator Ben Hatke.

    El Deafo:

    El Deafo is a funny, deeply honest graphic novel memoir for middle graders. It chronicles the author’s hearing loss at a young age and her subsequent experiences with a powerful and very awkward hearing aid called the Phonic Ear. It gives her the ability to hear–sometimes things she shouldn’t–but also isolates her from her classmates. She really just wants to fit in and find a true friend, someone who appreciates her, Phonic Ear and all. Finally, she is able to harness the power of the Phonic Ear and become “El Deafo, Listener for All.” And more importantly, declare a place for herself in the world and find the friend she’s longed for.

    Harriet the Spy:

    Sixth-grader Harriet attends school on the New York’s Upper East Side along with her two best pals, Sport and Janie. After school every day, she takes her notebook and proceeds through her spy route.

    Harriet observes the rich lady who never gets out of bed; the man with twenty-five cats and the Italian family who runs a grocery store. She writes brutally honest notes on them all. Harriet’s downfall is that she also writes notes about people she actually knows…

    After a game in the park when her notebook is knocked out of her hands and read by her classmates, Harriet’s innermost thoughts are revealed and she is shunned by all her classmates, who form the Spy catcher’s Club. After her parents find out what’s happened, Harriet receives a final, crushing blow.

    She is no longer allowed to take notes – her parents, her teacher and even the cook search her every day for a contraband notebook. Harriet’s only consolation is the love and the wise advice of her nanny who manages to get her through this difficult period in her life.

    Big Box of Big Nate: Big Nate Box Set Volume 1-4:

    From homework and hygiene to hilarious hijinks – no one quite does sixth grade like Nate and his friends.

    Box Set includes 4 titles:

    From the Top
    Out Loud
    Nate and Friends
    Makes the Grade

    Inside Out & Back Again:

    Inspired by the author’s childhood experience as a refugee–fleeing Vietnam after the Fall of Saigon and immigrating to Alabama–this coming-of-age debut novel told in verse has been celebrated for its touching child’s-eye view of family and immigration.

    This moving story of one girl’s year of change, dreams, grief, and healing received four starred reviews, including one from Kirkus which proclaimed it enlightening, poignant, and unexpectedly funny.

    The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Young Readers Edition:

    Now a Netflix film starring and directed by Chiwetel Ejiofor, this is a gripping memoir of survival and perseverance about the heroic young inventor who brought electricity to his Malawian village. When a terrible drought struck William Kamkwamba’s tiny village in Malawi, his family lost all of the season’s crops, leaving them with nothing to eat and nothing to sell.

    William began to explore science books in his village library, looking for a solution. There, he came up with the idea that would change his family’s life forever: he could build a windmill. Made out of scrap metal and old bicycle parts, William’s windmill brought electricity to his home and helped his family pump the water they needed to farm the land.

    Retold for a younger audience, this exciting memoir shows how, even in a desperate situation, one boy’s brilliant idea can light up the world. Complete with photographs, illustrations, and an epilogue that will bring readers up to date on William’s story, this is the perfect edition to read and share with the whole family.

    Zombie Makers: True Stories of Nature’s Undead (Junior Library Guild Selection):

    Are zombies real? As far as we know, dead people do not come back to life and start walking around, looking for trouble. But there are things that can take over the bodies and brains of innocent creatures, turning them into senseless slaves. Meet nature’s zombie makers–including a fly-enslaving fungus, a suicide worm, and a cockroach-taming wasp–and their victims.

    One Crazy Summer:

    In One Crazy Summer, eleven-year-old Delphine is like a mother to her two younger sisters, Vonetta and Fern. She’s had to be, ever since their mother, Cecile, left them seven years ago for a radical new life in California. But when the sisters arrive from Brooklyn to spend the summer with their mother, Cecile is nothing like they imagined.

    While the girls hope to go to Disneyland and meet Tinker Bell, their mother sends them to a day camp run by the Black Panthers. Unexpectedly, Delphine, Vonetta, and Fern learn much about their family, their country, and themselves during one truly crazy summer.

    Rain Reign:

    Rose Howard has Asperger’s syndrome, and an obsession with homonyms (even her name is a homonym). She gave her dog Rain a name with two homonyms (Reign, Rein), which, according to Rose’s rules of homonyms, is very special. Rain was a lost dog Rose’s father brought home. Rose and Rain are practically inseparable. And they are often home alone, as Rose’s father spends most evenings at a bar, and doesn’t have much patience for his special-needs daughter.

    Just as a storm hits town, Rain goes missing. Rose’s father shouldn’t have let Rain out. Now Rose has to find her dog, even if it means leaving her routines and safe places to search. Rose will find Rain, but so will Rain’s original owners.

    A Series Of Unfortunate Events Lemony Snicket 13 Books Collection:

    A Series of Unfortunate Events children book series by Lemony Snicket, The unfortunate event complete collection set features 13 novels, with gift set.

    The story starts with Lemony Snicket advising readers that theyll find misery and despair on the pages of the book titled “The Bad Beginning.” When their parents banker temporarily places them with Count Olaf, he attempts to take their inheritance by employing a number of nefarious methods. During the first book, he tries to marry Violet.

    After his first failed attempt to gain access to the Baudelaire fortune, Count Olaf continues to create different schemes to steal their inheritance. While reading this children gift set, book lovers will discover that in unfortunate event complete collection book three, he forces their guardian to write a suicide note and leave the children under his care while book five features the evil villain camouflaged as a school coach.

    1 : The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket

    2 : The Reptile Room by Lemony Snicket

    3 : The Wide Window by Lemony Snicket

    4 : The Miserable Mill by Lemony Snicket

    5 : The Austere Academy by Lemony Snicket

    6 : The Ersatz Elevator by Lemony Snicket

    7 : The Vile Village by Lemony Snicket

    8 : The Hostile Hospital by Lemony Snicket

    9 : The Carnivorous Carnival by Lemony Snicket

    10 : The Slippery Slope by Lemony Snicket

    11 : The Crim Crotto by Lemony Snicket

    12 : The Penul Timate Peril by Lemony Snicket

    13 : The End by Lemony Snicket

    Three Times Lucky (Mo & Dale Mysteries):

    A hilarious Southern debut with the kind of characters you meet once in a lifetime

    Rising sixth grader Miss Moses LoBeau lives in the small town of Tupelo Landing, NC, where everyone’s business is fair game and no secret is sacred. She washed ashore in a hurricane eleven years ago, and she’s been making waves ever since. Although Mo hopes someday to find her “upstream mother,” she’s found a home with the Colonel–a café owner with a forgotten past of his own–and Miss Lana, the fabulous café hostess. She will protect those she loves with every bit of her strong will and tough attitude. So when a lawman comes to town asking about a murder, Mo and her best friend, Dale Earnhardt Johnson III, set out to uncover the truth in hopes of saving the only family Mo has ever known.

    Full of wisdom, humour, and grit, this timeless yarn will melt the heart of even the sternest Yankee.

    The Penderwicks Paperback 4-Book Boxed Set:

    The perfect gift for any new or longtime fans of the National Book Award-winning (The Penderwicks, book 1), New York Times-bestselling series that’s been compared to Little Women!

    The Penderwicks
    The Penderwicks on Gardam StreetThe Penderwicks at Point Mouette, and The Penderwicks in Spring are available in this charming paperback boxed set. Deliciously nostalgic and quaintly witty, these stories are as breezy and carefree as a clear June day.

    “Comforting comedy in an Austen- and Alcott-like vein.” —The New York Times Book Review

    “Like drinking lemonade on a swing on a summer day: Perfection!” —The Washington Post


    Liam is too big for his boots. And his football strip. And his school blazer. But being super-sized height-wise has its advantages: he’s the only eleven-year-old to ever ride the G-force-defying Cosmic rollercoaster – or to be offered the chance to drive a Porsche. Long-legged Liam makes a giant leap for boy-kind by competing with a group of adults for the chance to go into space. Is Liam the best boy for the job? Sometimes being big isn’t all about being a grown-up.

    Artemis Fowl Series 8 Books Collection Set:

    Artemis Fowl The Ultimate Collection 8 Books Set Titles In The Set Artemis Fowl, The Arctic Incident, The Eternity Code, The Opal Deception, The Lost Colony, The Time Paradox , The Atlantis Complex, The Last Guardian.

    Twelve-year-old villain, Artemis Fowl, is the most ingenious criminal mastermind in history. His bold and daring plan is to hold a leprechaun to ransom. But he’s taking on more than he bargained for when he kidnaps Captain Holly Short of the LEPrecon (Lower Elements Police Reconnaissance Unit). For a start, leprechaun technology is more advanced than our own. Add to that the fact that Holly is a true heroine and that her senior officer Commander Root will stop at nothing to get her back and you’ve got the mother of all sieges brewing! 

    To the Edge of the World:

    A beautifully written tale of courage, friendship, and survival.
    Imagine a tiny island far out in the Atlantic Ocean off the west coast of Scotland. On some days, you can hardly see where the sea ends and the land begins, everything merged in a blue-grey mist of sea spray and wind-blown sand. There is nothing between here and America. I say nothing, but what I mean, of course, is nothing but ocean. And about sixty-five kilometres out to sea, one last remote outcrop of islands and sea stacks, with the highest sea cliffs anywhere in the UK-St Kilda. Distant, desolate, and difficult to reach. The islands at the edge of the world . . .

    The Case of the Vanishing Granny:

    Billy, Fern and Joe Shortbread are the stars of their family circus, but they also have another talent … they’re experts at solving mysteries! When their circus moves into a new town they soon make friends with a young boy named Tom. But Tom can’t enjoy the circus because his granny has disappeared and he’s worried he’ll never see her again. With the help of their astonishing circus skills can the Shortbread circus stars crack the clues and find Tom’s granny? A brilliant McCall Smith adventure story, brimming with wit, wisdom and larger than life characters.

    The Whispers:

    Before she disappeared, Riley’s mama used to tell him stories about the Whispers, mysterious creatures with the power to grant wishes.

    Riley wishes for lots of things. He wishes his secret crush Dylan liked him back. He wishes the bumbling detective would stop asking awkward questions. But most of all he wishes his mother would come home . . .

    Four months later, the police are no closer to finding out the truth – and Riley decides to take matters into his own hands.

    But do the Whispers really exist?
    And what is Riley willing to do to find out?

    The Girls’ Guide to Growing Up:

    A friendly, reassuring and positive guide for girls as they approach puberty, explaining the changes that will happen to their bodies as they grow up and how these changes might make them feel. Covering everything from periods and breast development to body hair and personal hygiene, puberty and parenting expert Anita Naik addresses any worries that girls may have relating to what is ‘normal’. She reassures readers and boosts their confidence, encouraging them to feel positive about the changes they will experience as they go through puberty. The book also includes lifestyle advice on topics like healthy eating and exercise, and information on how puberty affects boys.

    Topics covered:
    What is puberty?
    Your puberty timeline
    Breasts and bras
    Same age, different stage
    Skin changes
    Sweat, smells and personal hygiene
    Hair in new places
    Down there
    What are periods?
    The practical side of periods
    Coping with periods
    Sex explained
    Making babies
    New feelings
    Managing your moods
    Healthy eating
    The power of exercise
    Self-esteem and body image
    Privacy and your body
    Puberty for boys
    Boys have worries, too

    Mr Gum Collection 9 Books Set Pack:

    You’re a Bad Man-
    The Biscuit Billionaire-
    The Goblins
    The Power Crystals
    The Dancing Bear

    What’s for Dinner
    The Cherry Tree
    The Secret Hideout
    Lamonic Bibber

    The Case of the Missing Treasure A Murder Most Unladylike Mini Mystery:

    A gripping mini-mystery from the bestselling author of Murder Most Unladylike. It was very exciting, and very heroic, and I was very brilliant and brave…’ A daring thief has been robbing London’s most famous museums.

    When Daisy’s birthday treasure hunt leads them into the path of the culprit, Daisy and Hazel realise where they’ll strike next – the British Museum! With help from their friends (and rivals) the Junior Pinkertons, the girls must crack codes, unravel clues and race against time to solve the mystery.

    My Friend the Enemy:

    For Peter, the war is a long way away, being fought by a faceless enemy, marching across places he’s never seen.

    Until the night it comes to him.

    A German plane is shot down over the woods that his Dad looked after, before he went off to fight. Peter rushes to the crash site to find something exciting to keep.

    But what he finds instead is someone: a young and injured German airman. The enemy. Here. And in trouble. Suddenly, helping him seems like the right thing to do …

    • An exciting and thought-provoking World War 2 adventure from acclaimed author Dan Smith.

    My Awesome Year being 9:

    A great gift for birthdays and other special occasions, My Awesome Year Being 9 is bursting with ideas and inspiration for making awesome memories!

    With tons of activities to try and prompts to jot down day-to-day experiences, this is the perfect place for a nine-year-old to record all the fun things they do throughout the year. From bowling to burying a time capsule, making pizzas to growing your own veg, it’s great for getting kids outdoors and being active indoors! And with space to fill-in, doodle and draw, the finished book will be something to treasure forever.


    Landfill has lived his whole life as a scavenger, running with wooflers, swimming with turtles and feasting on fresh gull. Old Babagoo has always looked after him, on one condition – follow his rules. NEVER COME LOOKING OUTSIDE. NEVER RISE ABOVE THE WALL. But despite the dangers, Landfill longs to see Outside. And some rules are made to be broken.

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