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Top 10 home education blogs

Top 10 home education blogs

Top 10 home education blogs

This is a topic that many of you have asked me for so many times! So it is about time I gave you what you want. Other than my own blog of course, there are some fantastic blogs out there that are also full of resources for you to sink your teeth into and help you on your homeschooling journey! Let me know what you think. So here they are! My Top 10 home education blogs for you to take a look at. 

1:Ingram freedom journey

I know, I know! This is my blog but I think it deserves a place in the list. 🙂

I have been blogging since 2018 and my blog offers tips, guidance and resources for new and veteran homeschooler’s. 

2:Homeschool of 1

Now this blog is top of my list because Clare’s blog was the first homeschool and only homeschool blog really that I still check in on now and then. It was also the inspiration of my home education blog that you see today (Design wise). 

Clare used to live in the UK but has moved over to South Florida with her son Freddie and her husband. I love her blog as it is filled with lots of FREE resources and ideas to do with your kids! Go check it out!

3: Weird unsocialized homeschoolers

Trish Corlew and Wendy Hilton are the owners of Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers. These ladies have created a fantastic blog that offers information and resources from children that are in elementary, right up to high school! They share tips and tricks from hands-on learning, challenges, how to’s and so much more! Again another fantastic blog that you will be crazy not to go check out!

4: Raising Arrows

Ok, In my opinion, this woman is superwoman! Amy is a homeschool mom of 10! Now that deserves a medal in itself! She homeschools all 10 children and her blog doesn’t offer free printables etc. 

 This blog I see as more for the homeschool parent. Now I don’t know about you but I have days where EVERYTHING seems overwhelming and disorganized, because life isn’t just around homeschooling the kids, there is keeping the house clean and tidy, organizing what you will teach the kids, field trips, socialization,  your own work and  health, the kids health and activities, meal planning and basic life in general.

Queue Amy! Her blog and podcast will help you get organized and practise some stress free living, you will know what I mean-Go check out her blog! 

5: Mumtastic life

I chose this blog because homeschooling is not ALL about the kids right? What I mean by this, is you need to take care of yourself as a parent/individual, so that you can bring your best self to you and your family. 

Amanda here can help you do this. Her blog focuses on you as the parent to help you create a joyful life for you and your family, and shares mindfulness and meditation techniques. What a great and inspirational blog, go check it out!

6:Living montessori now

Deb writes about Montessori activities, ideas, homeschooling and parenting. This blog is packed with free printables and resources! Deb has a wealth of knowledge with her background as a former Montessori teacher and school owner, holds a master’s degree in early childhood studies, along with homeschooling her children through high school! Go check out her blog!

7:This reading mama

Now if you need a little help teaching English, this is a great blog to come to. Becky provides lots of resources and information on how to help your children create a love of reading and English! From learning the basics from the alphabet and phonics, to spelling, writing and comprehension, along with some free printables and learning activities. Go check it out!

8:Hip Homeschool moms

This is a great blog! Wendy provides lots of information from Preschool, right the way up to college. Along with some great information for beginner home schoolers – Like where to get started and much more! Go check out her blog!

9: 1 plus 1 plus 1 equals 1

Carisa has been running her blog since 2007 and has created a great blog here, which is packed full of resources in many different subject categories! I highly recommend you check it out!

10: Monkey and mouse

Jenny shares her travel and lifestyle blog, along with homeschool/world schooling tips and activity ideas! From educational trip ideas, activity ideas and blogging her monthly diary, it is a thoroughly enjoyable blog, go check it out!

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