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Hayley Ingram
About the author of Ingram Freedom Journey


Hi! My name is Hayley Ingram.

I am wife to Joel and mum of 3 children: Mckenzie 17, Anna 16 and Roman 10.

I started home educating Roman when he was 3 years old and haven’t looked back! Don’t get me wrong, there has been difficult times where I have felt completely overwhelmed and a failure, however, I have learned, ok, this is a not so good day, tomorrow is a new day and start again.

Feeling overwhelmed?

 I felt completely overwhelmed when I first started, and I thought, there are bound to be so many other people in my same position as I was.  So that was when I decided to start blogging my journey in 2018 and record as many resources as I could and share with you. 🙂

I began asking other home educators what their favorite websites were, that they used for thier kids and did they enjoy them. I started to list them, taking time and researching on the web too, I have found some amazing sites and resources to use!  You also pick up resources etc from homeschool groups, as they put out activities and games, even resources your own children find and enjoy. Oh and of course talking to other parents.

You can find so many groups on Facebook, I’m sure no matter where you are, you will find a local group! If you are in Cardiff area or South Wales, I recommend these superstars! Spirit of home ed Wales. Jayne helped me when I first started, I call her the queen of home ed. She and a few other group leaders have come together and formed a group called the spirit of home ed and they are all absolutely fantastic women!

If you are new to home education or looking to find out more on rules etc regarding home education in the Uk

Or Home education in USA 

It’s a journey

As time goes on, you try lot’s of different things, to see how your child learns best. This takes time by the way!

Especially if you have pulled them out of school, you will gradually get to recognize the good days and the not so good days.

Reflect upon those days and take note of what happened on those days, to make them ‘good days’ or ‘not so good days.’ Then take that with you when planning you day, week, or month if you want to get super organized.

That is a little about me and why I began my blog.

I hope you find it helpful and if there is anything you would like to be included in my blog posts, please let me know 🙂

Hayley xx

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