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Home Education FAQ'S

Home Education FAQ’S

These home education FAQ’S are mainly for UK citizens, however the links will take you to further information about laws etc for United States.

What is home education?

Home education is where you choose to educate your child yourself. The school system are not involved in the education of your child, you are completely responsible.

Is Home Education Legal?

Home Education in Wales and the UK is legal yes.  If you are in America however, it is only legal in certain states and under specific requirements. For more on American laws, click here.

Will I have to teach the national curriculum?

No you do not have to follow the national curriculum. The education you provide must be suitable to the age, aptitude, ability and environment.

I need to be a teacher to educate my child, don’t I?

No you do not need to be a teacher in order to teach your child.

Do I need permission to home educate my child?

No, not unless your child is registered at a special school. If this is the case, then consent from your local authority will be required, before your child’s name can be taken off the school roll.

How do home educated children get to socialise?

There are many home education groups available out there and within the groups, children of all ages play together, from 2-16 years within educational and social groups. They also socialise with children in their street, extra curricular activities, shop workers, like school children do, however home educated children are generally able to access better socialisation opportunities, than children who go to school.

Do you get paid to home educate your child?

No, you have no financial support available when you choose to home educate.

Where do I get resources from to home educate?

There are so many educational resources out there for all ages. Take a look at our top 100 online resources.

There are also many offline social groups, you can find many on Facebook if you search home education groups and specify your local and surrounding areas.

Trips, if you contact the revenues and tell them you home educate, you can ask if they offer school or discounted rates for home educated families.

Will the local authority want a home visit?

Home visit may be suggested, however this is your personal choice and the authority has no legal president to insist. (UK)

Does it make a difference if a my child has a statement of special needs?

Absolutely not, no. Having a statement of SEN does not prevent you from home educating your child.

Can I continue home educating post 16?

Yes you can. 🙂

How old does my child need to be before I start home educating?

Children are continually learning from the day they are born. In Wales, toddlers as young 2 years old can start nursery, here it is mainly social play, so getting to baby and toddler groups, home education groups etc

1-2 years old

  • Hold a crayon in a clenched fist

3-4 years old

  • Draw distinct marks that look like letters but are separated from each other.
  • Write some actual letters, especially the letters in their name.
  • May be able to write their name.
  • May start to draw pictures and label them using letters or letter like marks.
Does home educating affect my benefits?

No, home educating does not affect child benefits or tax credits and can still be claimed post 16.







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